Meet Amélie, and her helper Scott, outdoor enthusiasts, who love mountains, forests and seasides ! 

An outdoor enthusiast, Amélie spent much of her childhood and teenage years outdoors, horseback riding, mountain biking and hiking, in the woods and hills of Provence, and in the Alps. She then explored the coasts, islands and mountains of Ireland and Scotland, then those of Quebec and maritime Canada. She lives now near the Gaspé Peninsula, close to the sea and mountains.

She’s always loved to build things, and loves to work with wood and leather. In addition to designing and creating objects from A to Z, she likes to learn new things, whether it’s how to make a new piece of furniture, yo use a new technique or which plants are edible along the trails. 

As a geographer, she also has a strong interest in territories, places and their ecosystems, and in how humans inhabit, live in and name them. Celtic and Norse mythologies have also always attracted and intrigued her, particularly for their relationship to nature and territories. 

These are all the inspirations behind the workshop’s creations: nature, mountains and sea, places and their particularities, and geometry drawing on Celtic and Nordic worlds … Have a nice trip !