With each design, we wish to offer you a beautiful, rustic and durable item, which bring you closer to Nature. But also an eco-friendly item, whether it is for your home and everyday environment or in terms of its wider environmental impact.

We use mainly natural materials and resources : wood, genuine leather, gemstones, natural fabrics …

The products and supplies we use at the woodshop are as local, natural and environmentally friendly as possible (including wood, stains and varnishes). They are gathered and/or purchased as much as possible locally, and preferably made in Quebec or Canada. We buy as often as possible at the small hardware store in our neighbourhood (Home Hardware), and we encourage local businesses in the downtown area. 

The wood is exclusively natural wood from sustainable forestry exploitation in Quebec or occasionally in New Brunswick.
No piece of wood that may have been chemically treated or in contact with harmful products is used: neither treated wood, nor pallet wood, barn wood or reclaimed wood, which is beautiful and trendy but whose origin and history are often unknown. The rustic look of our wood is achieved by keeping its rough texture, and by using natural stains and matte coatings. We guarantee that no unknown or undesirable products will be introduced into your home with our creations.

The stains, varnishes and glues used are almost exclusively products from Quebec (mostly Saman), water-based, low in VOCs, non-toxic, biodegradable, odourless and environmentally friendly. 

We also encourage reusing and recycling: scrap wood is reused as much as possible, shipping packaging is made of reused cardboard, and labels and cards are made of recycled kraft paper. Even the small felt stamps on the back of the frames are made of recycled felt!

The website hosting is also 100% Canadian and powered by renewable energy

All our designs are handcrafted with care and attention to detail. Each piece of wood is selected, cut and arranged in the design according to its natural grain and texture. Pieces with important knots, brittleness and deformations are discarded. The pieces are then sanded and stained, and assembled (glued and nailed) with care.
They will then be coated with several coats to ensure protection of the stain and long-lasting colour.

The wood pieces are used in their rough natural condition (i.e. only planed and coarsely sanded) for a rustic feel. It is therefore normal to find imperfections and irregularities in the wood. This contributes to make each creation a unique item, with different textures and colour shades depending on the combination of the pieces.